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Journal Publications:

Under review

  1. Vriens, Szekely, Lipari, Antonioni, Sánchez, Tummolini, Andrighetto, Can pandemic risk promote cooperation and social norms? A before and after Covid-19 comparison in two long-term experiments, under review.

  2. Lipari, Antonioni, Lázaro, Escribano, Sánchez, When the Design of Climate Policy meets Public Acceptance: An Adaptive Multiplex Network Model, under review.

  3. Antonioni, Cabrales, Sánchez, Climate clubs: an experimental study of Nordhaus’ proposal to mitigate climate change, under review.


  4. Antonioni, Cabrales, Lipari, Sánchez (2022), Behavior, Decisions and Ecological Transition: Experimental Approaches with Policy Implications, Cuadernos Económicos 104: 31-62. [link]

  5. Lozano, Antonioni, Sánchez (2022), Conflicts May Lead Egalitarian to Hierarchical, but Cooperative, Societies, PNAS Nexus 2: 1-7, pgac283. [link]

  6. Oliver Huidobro, Antonioni, Lipari, Tamarit (2022), A Networked Global Economy: The Role of Social Capital in Economic Growth, PLoS ONE 17(8): e0273066. [link]

  7. Steinegger, Iacopini, Teixeira, Bracci, Casanova-Ferrer, Antonioni, Valdano (2022), Non-Selective Distribution of Infectious Disease Prevention May Outperform Risk-Based Targeting, Nature Communications 13: 3028. [link]


  8. Tomassini and Antonioni (2021), Computational Behavioral Models in Public Goods Games with Migration between Groups, Journal of Physics: Complexity 2(4): 045013. [link]

  9. Giardini, Vilone, Sánchez, Antonioni (2021), Gossip and Competitive Altruism Support Cooperation in a Public Good Game, Phys. Trans. R. Soc. B 376: 20200303. [link]

  10. Szekely*, Lipari*, Antonioni, Paolucci, Sánchez, Tummolini, Andrighetto (2021), Collective Risks Change Social Norms and Promote Cooperation: Evidence from a Long-Term Experiment, Nature Communications 12: 5452. *equal contribution [link]

  11. Cardoso, Meloni, Gracia-Lázaro, Antonioni, Cuesta, Sánchez, Moreno (2021), Framing in Multiple Public Goods Games and Donation to Charities, Royal Society Open Science 8: 202117. [link]

  12. Alventosa, Antonioni, Hernández (2021), Pool Punishment in Public Goods Games: How Do Sanctioners' Incentives Affect Us?, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 185: 513-537. [link]


  13. Balbi, Alvarez-Rodriguez, Latora, Antonioni, Villa (2020), A Game Theory Model to Explore the Role of Cooperation and Diversity in Community Food Security: The Case of Southern Malawi, Regional Environmental Change 20: 63. [link]

  14. Tomassini and Antonioni (2020), Public Goods Games on Coevolving Social Network Models, Frontiers in Physics 8: 58. [link]


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  18. Lipari, Stella, Antonioni (2019), Investigating Peer and Sorting Effects within an Adaptive Multiplex Network Model, Games 10(2): 16. [link]


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  38. Antonioni and Tomassini (2011), Network Fluctuations Hinder Cooperation in Evolutionary Games, PLoS ONE 6(10): e25555. [link]

Conference Proceedings:

  1. Oliver Huidobro, Antonioni, Lipari, Tamarit (2021), A Networked Global Economy: The Role of Social Capital in Economic Growth, Complex Networks 2021. [link]

  2. Antonioni, Bullock, Darabos, Giacobini, Iotti, Moore, Tomassini (2015), Contagion on Networks with Self-Organised Community Structure, ECAL 2015: pp. 183-190. [link]

  3. Antonioni, Bullock, Tomassini (2014), REDS: An Energy-Constrained Spatial Social Network Model, ALIFE 2014: pp. 368-375. [link]

  4. Antonioni, Egloff, Tomassini (2013), An Agent-Based Model for Spatial Social Networks, ECAL 2013: pp. 226-231. [link]

  5. Pestelacci, Tomassini, Antonioni (2011), Coordination Games on Small-Worlds: Artificial Agents vs. Experiments, ECAL 2011: pp. 654-661. [link]

  6. Antonioni, Enrici Bellom, Montabone, Venturino (2010), A Mathematical Model for the Bee Hive of Apis Mellifera, ICNAAM 2010: pp. 712-715. [link]

Complexity72h arXiv preprint:

  • Booker, Miranda, Moreno López, Ramos Fernández, Reddel, Widler, Zimmaro, AntonioniHan (2023), Emergence of Cooperation in the one-shot Prisoner’s Dilemma through Discriminatory and Samaritan AIs. [link]

  • Bernini, Blouzard, Bracci, Casanova, Iacopini, Steinegger, Teixeira, Antonioni, Valdano (2019), Evaluating the Impact of PrEP on HIV and Gonorrhea on a Networked Population of Female Sex Workers. [link]

Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School 2014 Proceedings:

  1. Antonioni, Martinez-Vaquero, Mathis, Peel, Stella (2014), Dynamical Game Theory, aka Drunk Game Theory (DGT). [link]

  2. Andreazzi, Antonioni, Goudarzi, Selakovic, Stella (2014), Disease Spreading on Ecological Multiplex Networks. [link]

  3. Marquitti, Wu, Martinez-Vaquero, Stella, Antonioni, Graebner, Krese (2014), Persistence of Pollination Systems. [link]

  4. Antonioni, Brummer, Edwards, Furtado, Holdener, Kalyuzhny, Lagesse, LaScala-Gruenewald, Liu, Mehta (2014), Can Simple Models Reproduce Complex Transportations Networks: Human Cities and Ant Colonies. [link]

Doctoral Thesis:

  • Antonioni (2015), Evolutionary Games in Networked Populations: Models and Experiments. [link]

Master Thesis:

  • Antonioni (2010), Classical NP-Complete Problems Associated to Logical Games.

Bachelor Thesis:

  • Antonioni (2008), The AKS Algorithm.

Assistant Professor,

Juan de la Cierva Research Fellow,

Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain

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