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Journal Publications:

Under review

  1. Ibrahimli, Tomassini, AntonioniMigration costs and rewarding schemes in spatial public goods games, under review.

  2. Vriens, Szekely, Lipari, Antonioni, Sánchez, Tummolini, Andrighetto, Can pandemic risk promote cooperation and social norms? A before and after Covid-19 comparison in two long-term experiments, under review.

  3. Antonioni, Cabrales, Sánchez, Climate clubs: an experimental study of Nordhaus’ proposal to mitigate climate change, under review.



  4. Lipari, Lázaro-Touza, Escribano, Sánchez, Antonioni (2024), When the Design of Climate Policy meets Public Acceptance: An Adaptive Multiplex Network Model, Ecological Economics 217 (2024): 108084. [link]


  5. Lozano, Antonioni, Sánchez (2023), Conflicts May Lead Egalitarian to Hierarchical, but Cooperative, Societies, PNAS Nexus 2: 1-7, pgac283. [link]



  6. Antonioni, Cabrales, Lipari, Sánchez (2022), Behavior, Decisions and Ecological Transition: Experimental Approaches with Policy Implications, Cuadernos Económicos 104: 31-62. [link]

  7. Oliver Huidobro, Antonioni, Lipari, Tamarit (2022), A Networked Global Economy: The Role of Social Capital in Economic Growth, PLoS ONE 17(8): e0273066. [link]

  8. Steinegger, Iacopini, Teixeira, Bracci, Casanova-Ferrer, Antonioni, Valdano (2022), Non-Selective Distribution of Infectious Disease Prevention May Outperform Risk-Based Targeting, Nature Communications 13: 3028. [link]



  9. Tomassini and Antonioni (2021), Computational Behavioral Models in Public Goods Games with Migration between Groups, Journal of Physics: Complexity 2(4): 045013. [link]

  10. Giardini, Vilone, Sánchez, Antonioni (2021), Gossip and Competitive Altruism Support Cooperation in a Public Good Game, Phys. Trans. R. Soc. B 376: 20200303. [link]

  11. Szekely*, Lipari*, Antonioni, Paolucci, Sánchez, Tummolini, Andrighetto (2021), Collective Risks Change Social Norms and Promote Cooperation: Evidence from a Long-Term Experiment, Nature Communications 12: 5452. *equal contribution [link]

  12. Cardoso, Meloni, Gracia-Lázaro, Antonioni, Cuesta, Sánchez, Moreno (2021), Framing in Multiple Public Goods Games and Donation to Charities, Royal Society Open Science 8: 202117. [link]

  13. Alventosa, Antonioni, Hernández (2021), Pool Punishment in Public Goods Games: How Do Sanctioners' Incentives Affect Us?, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 185: 513-537. [link]



  14. Balbi, Alvarez-Rodriguez, Latora, Antonioni, Villa (2020), A Game Theory Model to Explore the Role of Cooperation and Diversity in Community Food Security: The Case of Southern Malawi, Regional Environmental Change 20: 63. [link]

  15. Tomassini and Antonioni (2020), Public Goods Games on Coevolving Social Network Models, Frontiers in Physics 8: 58. [link]



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  39. Antonioni and Tomassini (2011), Network Fluctuations Hinder Cooperation in Evolutionary Games, PLoS ONE 6(10): e25555. [link]

Conference Proceedings:

  1. Oliver Huidobro, Antonioni, Lipari, Tamarit (2021), A Networked Global Economy: The Role of Social Capital in Economic Growth, Complex Networks 2021. [link]

  2. Antonioni, Bullock, Darabos, Giacobini, Iotti, Moore, Tomassini (2015), Contagion on Networks with Self-Organised Community Structure, ECAL 2015: pp. 183-190. [link]

  3. Antonioni, Bullock, Tomassini (2014), REDS: An Energy-Constrained Spatial Social Network Model, ALIFE 2014: pp. 368-375. [link]

  4. Antonioni, Egloff, Tomassini (2013), An Agent-Based Model for Spatial Social Networks, ECAL 2013: pp. 226-231. [link]

  5. Pestelacci, Tomassini, Antonioni (2011), Coordination Games on Small-Worlds: Artificial Agents vs. Experiments, ECAL 2011: pp. 654-661. [link]

  6. Antonioni, Enrici Bellom, Montabone, Venturino (2010), A Mathematical Model for the Bee Hive of Apis Mellifera, ICNAAM 2010: pp. 712-715. [link]

Complexity72h arXiv preprint:

  • Booker, Miranda, Moreno López, Ramos Fernández, Reddel, Widler, Zimmaro, AntonioniHan (2023), Emergence of Cooperation in the one-shot Prisoner’s Dilemma through Discriminatory and Samaritan AIs. [link]

  • Bernini, Blouzard, Bracci, Casanova, Iacopini, Steinegger, Teixeira, Antonioni, Valdano (2019), Evaluating the Impact of PrEP on HIV and Gonorrhea on a Networked Population of Female Sex Workers. [link]

Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems Summer School 2014 Proceedings:

  1. Antonioni, Martinez-Vaquero, Mathis, Peel, Stella (2014), Dynamical Game Theory, aka Drunk Game Theory (DGT). [link]

  2. Andreazzi, Antonioni, Goudarzi, Selakovic, Stella (2014), Disease Spreading on Ecological Multiplex Networks. [link]

  3. Marquitti, Wu, Martinez-Vaquero, Stella, Antonioni, Graebner, Krese (2014), Persistence of Pollination Systems. [link]

  4. Antonioni, Brummer, Edwards, Furtado, Holdener, Kalyuzhny, Lagesse, LaScala-Gruenewald, Liu, Mehta (2014), Can Simple Models Reproduce Complex Transportations Networks: Human Cities and Ant Colonies. [link]

Doctoral Thesis:

  • Antonioni (2015), Evolutionary Games in Networked Populations: Models and Experiments. [link]

Master Thesis:

  • Antonioni (2010), Classical NP-Complete Problems Associated to Logical Games.

Bachelor Thesis:

  • Antonioni (2008), The AKS Algorithm.

Associate Professor,

GISC, Mathematics Department

Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain

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